Coaching for Managers and Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Coaching Programme


Psychological coaching is a valuable support for every manager or entrepreneur. Are you at the top of your organisation? Are you responsible for finding solutions to multiple problems dealing with very difficult issues?

We are here to help you steer your career as well as your personal life wisely and with awareness at every step of the way. Our professional support is firmly rooted in neuroscience, neuropsychology, organizational psychology and psychotherapy sciences.

We invite you to benefit from years of our experience and tremendous knowledge. Let us guide you to face the challenges of your personal life and work with courage and resilience. We will provide you with objective and relevant feedback as well as targeted proposals for action for your personal and professional development, improve your soft people-skills and help your find out more about your strengths and weaknesses. You will learn about well-being and how to create it for yourself or others, you will learn to master resilience building techniques as well as strategies and techniques that will allow you to rest effectively even in periods of extreme stress.


The Entrepreneur Coaching Program consists of multiple modules which can be freely combined and individually adapted to your situation. 

Available modules:

  • Management consulting and coaching for mangers and entrepreneurs
  • Coaching on strategy for managers and entrepreneurs (vision & mission development and fine-tuning)
  • Development of a corporate HR strategy
  • Strategy day for the concentrated growth of your company
  • Introduction of a successful corporate culture and management style in your company
  • Management style assessment and modification if needed
  • Training for holistic (Term generating resistance) leadership / Leadership with awareness training in your company / Change management
  • Systematisation of objectives based on the vision & mission of your company
  • Personal coaching focused on your value system and motivation
  • Motivation Assessment Analysis
  • Anonymous surveys among the staff to determine their perspective on their work performance, motivation and the company as a whole

The process

The basis of coaching for managers and coaching for entrepreneurs is a thorough analysis of your current situation. We will assess and analyse your company and, together, we will define clear goals and devise a plan how to achieve them while making efficient and effective use of your resources.

We work on the corporate culture prevalent in your organisation, we assess your management style and personality type as an entrepreneur, because the values and the way business is conducted in your company are key for your success. You will learn more about how to thrive, what gives you strength and how you can use it, even in difficult situations.

We will assist you in developing tailor-made HR-Management measures that will allow you steer your company towards profit and success.

The results

  • You will know your inner driving forces and strengths and you will be able to know how to use them for yourself.
  • You will know where you want to go and how to get there.
  • You will know which processes need to be implemented and will be able to have them set up efficiently and effectively.
  • You will be able to continually improve communication and streamline processes in your company so that they remain goal-oriented and geared towards success.


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